Words Matter

In a world driven by fleeting message, the written word is in the midst of an identity-crisis. We write only when we have to,  and rarely do we need to. We've exchanged thought-provoking content with purpose for 140-character blips of opinion, pleas and shouts.

We've forgotten the use of a simple, few words should point us to something greater. 

Words have been with us from the beginning of time. They have the power to create, to destroy, and to make new. I care about words because I believe they are as essential to our being as our hearts and souls, and I care about your words because they are essential to the success of your business.


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Writing for organizations and businesses with purpose

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The tall and gentle leather craftsman speaks with what can only be described as a refined patience — a quality developed from the understanding that the procurement of excellence isn’t something to be rushed.
— From Glass Optical: Clint Wilkinson of Bell and Oak
At WELD, removing these hindrances is integral to our ethos, and it seeps into every aspect of how both the space and the people that comprise it operate.
— From Sparks, Workspace Unhindered
This guardian of the well - this man with a stern face and a beautiful longing to care for his neighbors and his family is just one example of the lasting impact clean water can have in a community. It’s Karol’s small but consistent acts of responsibility that are making all the difference.
— From 10 Days 2015: Karol, Guardian of the Well
We engage people in order to lend an ear to those unheard, bring to light what remains unseen and give a voice to issues unspoken in a tangible way.
— Mission Statement for An Uncommon Way


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Hey there, I'm Kelsi. I love to write for businesses & organizations that hold a deep desire to do work with purpose. I live with my husband, Doug, and pup, Topo Chico, in Oak Cliff, Texas. I can't wait to meet you and learn all about what you love to do and why you love to do it.