Artist Bio


Turnaround time: 

1-2 interview sessions
2 rounds of edits
200-400 words that fit like a glove

No one does quite what you do. Seriously.
You, your work, and your business are all unique, and you deserve a bio that agrees. 

Usually, however, we settle for half thought-out words, copied from the internet to describe who we are and what we do. 

These words make you look like a kid wearing adult sized shoes. Or an adult wearing a tiny t-shirt. Either way, not good. 

You deserve better and we can do much better. 

Through March 2017, I'm offering artist bios at a discounted price.

My artist bios are whatever you need them to be: witty, sarcastic, dry, professional, personal...We'll sit down and talk through who your audience is and what your voice should be. Then I'll get to work. We'll go back and forth until we have the right words to fit you perfectly.  

Artist Bios are good for: 

  • Keeping your brand and messaging consistent (both online and in person)
  • Great to send to publications and important people
  • Extra pep in your step by helping you stand out from the crowd