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Business and NGO Storytelling


/ˈbiz-nəs ˈstôrēˌtel-iNG/, noun

The art of telling honest, authentic stories about the people you work for or the people you work with in order to connect your customers/supporters with your purpose. 



Website Copy

/ˈwebsīt ˈkäpē/, noun

The use of words, both terse and verbose, on a digital platform to highlight and elevate the purpose behind your brand. Can include "about" information, mission and values, content strategy and the like.



Social Media

/ˈsō-shəl ˈmē-dē-ə ˈrīdiNG/, noun

Writing brand-directed captions to fit and mold to various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Successful when pointing to a brand's mission and purpose. Posting responsibilities not included