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Human Coalition


Bestowed upon us as a gift rather than a choice, human life is never meant to be a grievance!

While we know and recognize that sometimes the unexpected gift of life can bring with it fear, doubt and even hardship, we also fully believe the birth of any child is appointed to bring joyful celebration. The gift of grace is always included as a part of the gift of LIFE.

The similarities between the two children in this image are undeniable. 

Both are beautifully created,
both are alive and developing, both are in need of protection, and both are still fully dependent on somebody else.

Stage of life shouldn’t change the level of protection offered to our children. 

What makes a miracle? 

A miracle stems from an unexplainable event or act. It surpasses understanding & reason, yet it is accepted as truth. At the root of all life is the miraculous, for life is a masterpiece of God’s handiwork.

Don’t forget that YOU are a miracle, & that believing miracles is what completes them.


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Rwanda Children

Today, we are so excited to announce that we are expanding our efforts to care for vulnerable children in Ntarama! We will begin construction on 5 new homes before the end of 2015, as we simultaneously launch our “Build A House, Create A Home” campaign to raise funds to build an additional 5 houses.

The new homes will be a part of the “Hunter Hanner Community of Hope” complex in Ntarama. 

Read more about our homes and future, and find out how you can join us on our blog.


What do you consider your home to be? We consider it to be a place for our family to receive the best nourishment possible. 

We need you support as we build new homes that will allow for more families to grow and develop. Read more about how you can help us expand our Hunter Hanner Complex of Hope and provide for vulnerable children in Ntarama: 

A new home means a new house - a safe and reliable structure with room to grow - for the kids that need it most. We need you help to make more of these houses possible! 

Go here to read more about joining us in our efforts to expand Rwanda Children.